Hairdryer Dyson Supersonic

Powerful digital engine. Designed for fast drying.


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Sliding nozzle
The ideal tool for finishing smooth, smooth styling. Hides unruly hair under long hair for a smooth, shiny finish.¹ Air only.

styling nozzle
The redesigned styling nozzle is wider and thinner³ and delivers powerful airflow that’s perfect for styling. Because the airflow is so focused, you can style strand after strand without affecting the rest.

The diffuser has been redesigned to distribute air more evenly, thus mimicking the natural drying process. This will help define curls and waves and reduce frizz. Longer teeth allow you to style more hair with even more control and penetrate deeper into the hair.

Comb attachment with wide teeth
Designed for curly and very curly hair. The new comb attachment with wide, strong teeth lengthens hair as it dries, or adds volume and shape.


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