Perfect No Harm Nail Polish Eraser Gel

Burst off the gel nails. 


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Burst off the gel nails. 

Taking off soak off /hard gel nail perfectly requires complex process and it’s hard to remove unless you go to nail salon. Now remove soak-off gel on nails like a pro with NailEraser Gel Polish Remover!

NailEraser Gel Polish Remover is the revolutionary EASIEST way to remove soak off gel nail instantly by simple steps! Just apply remover on your nails, wait and peel them off without leaving residue.

No more soaking in acetone, using foils, scraping, sanding or filing them off!


  • Never Ruin The Nails
    Removes nail polish by self-peeling, which does not require any scraping, foiling or soaking in acetone.
  • Quick & Easy
    Quickly remove nail polish without leaving residue.
  • Easy to Apply:
    Just lightly smear and the nail surface will automatically burst after ~1 minute.
  • Gentle:
    Odourless and non-irritative to nail bed.
  • Wide Applicable:
    Suitable to remove the soak-off gel, base coat, top coat, matte topcoat, 3D nail decorations etc.


  1. Apply remover on nails.
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the auto “burst”.
  3. Peel off and remove it easily.
  • Net Weight: 15ml


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